Sexcapade of the Day: Service with a Smile

19 Oct

My boyfriend and I needed a cab ride home from the bar one night after consuming a few too many bevskies. So, after boarding our trusty yellow steed, I should mention that we live a really, really long (like $35 cab ride) way from town.

So we’re driving along, and my bf unzips his pants and sort of “leads” my head down into his lap.
I, eventually, cave and start giving him a blow job in the back of this cab.The cabbie began to get a sense for the activities occurring in the back seat and subtly started to adjust his rear-view mirror to get a better look.

After a while, my boyfriend caught him spying on us and said, “hey man, take $20 bucks off this cab ride and she’ll blow you too!”

(I didn’t, of course), but we live in a pretty small community, and to this day, whenever that cab driver sees me around town, he’ll say, “need a cab ride?”

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