15 Sep

A fellow graduate student of mine, Krystelle Shaughnessy, has recently been recognized for her exceptional work that focuses on Online Sexual Activity (OSA), more commonly known as cybersex. Although the world wide web is used in almost every aspect of people’s lives (e.g., finding recipes for dinner, checking the weather, planning a vacation, back to school shopping), the most common activity among internet surfer’s is sexual activity. According to Shaughnessy’s study, whether it be shopping for a new battery-operated-boyfriend, viewing the occasional naughty school girl video, reading the online blog “Turned-on,” or dirty skyping with a partner, people engage in online sexual activity (on average) about two to three times a month.

Although researching cybersex is not a new phenomena, past studies have often focused solely on sex addiction, deviant behaviour and child pornography, with little attention to “normal” online sexual activity. Shaughnessy’s research is responsible for shedding a whole new light on cybersex, by normalizing this incredibly frequent behaviour.

Just because this work has received tremendous attention from the media (click here to see more), does not mean Shaughnessy is stopping here. In fact, she is currently following up this research by finding out exactly who people are having cybersex with, exciting! We can all thank Shaughnessy for increasing our understanding of how the “ever-evolving internet” impacts our sex lives!

If you are interested in participating in Shaughnessy’s current study click here.

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