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Ask Ashley Answer: What is most sexy to a man when it comes to shaven or not shaven down under?

Both men and women alike have their own opinions, the world would not be what it is today if people were not unique. This goes for beauty standards as well. Currently, the complete shave (or brazilian) is more popular than ever. In fact, over the last 15-20 years, female pubic hair removal has grown exponentially, stimulated by the fashion and pornographic industry. However, this does not necessarily mean that all men prefer a bare beaver. In fact, men prefer all sorts of styles, ranging from the bare look all the way to a full bush.

The important message here is to ask your partner. Men and women both have differing preferences when it comes to pubic hairstyles and it is important to communicate with your partner about these preferences. Although pleasing your partner is an important component to a satisfying sexual relationship, you also need to consider your own well-being. Pubic grooming is not for everyone and may be accompanied with a variety of side effects.

(1) Women have pubic hair for a reason, one of which is to trap dirt and bacteria. Without pubic hair, the possibility of a vaginal infection increases.

(2) SHAVING your pubic hair has its own unique risks. Skin down there is very sensitive and shaving can involve painful razor bumps, irritations, and pimples that can be very unpleasant and lead to infections.

(3) Lastly, it has also been suggested, that pubic hair keeps the area cool. Without the hair, your dirty bits can get sweaty, which (again) is the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, leading to infections.

All in all, shaving your junk is your own decision but do so at your own risk. Weigh the pro’s and con’s before buzzing the bush to avoid making a decision you may regret. A bald bird may be appealing to men but can create a variety of health risks for women. REMEMBER your bush will always grow back!


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Whether gathering dust or placed neatly under your pillow, if you are like most people, at some point you have held on to mementos from past relationships. Most often, these mementos serve as a reminder of the good times you shared with that special person, but how long is long enough? If it’s all just a memory, do you really need a reminder?

Although ridding yourself of letters, jewelry, pictures, or whatever it might be from past relationships may prove difficult, it can be an important step  to moving forward in your love life. For many, holding on to past reminders is a physical indication of the attachment you may still have toward your ex. So, chances are if you are holding on to the items from an ex, you are probably holding on to them in other ways as well.

However, hanging on to some mementos is not always problematic, are you really supposed to throw away your favourite pair of slippers because they are from your ex? So, what is ok to hold on to and what is not? What do you think, where do you draw the line? It might be “no big deal (NBD)” to hang on to the wine glasses you got for Christmas, but what about the mixed tape you got for your anniversary?

Click the comment button below (on the right) to share your thoughts!

P.S. If you are looking for a place to take your ex-mementos, look no further. Check out the link below to find out more about the Museum of Broken Relationships!


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Ask Ashley Answer: Should you Wear a Condom During Oral Sex?

Yes. Although you can not get pregnant from oral sex, it is still possible to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI). STIs are passed by direct skin contact or through body fluids, by these means, STI’s can spread from the genitals to the mouth and from the mouth to the genitals. There is less risk of getting an STI from oral sex than sexual intercourse (herpes being the most common STI spread by oral sex), however THERE IS STILL A RISK.

If you chose to engage oral sex, the best way to protect yourself from STI’s is by using a condom or dental dam. Condoms can be used when performing oral sex on a man (fellatio) and dental dams can be used when performing oral sex on a woman (cunnilingus). Finding and using condoms is very easy. The type of condom to use during oral sex is entirely up to you (flavoured ones can be fun and tasty)! Dental dams (to be used during cunnilingus), can be created in several ways. First, you can cut a condom into a rectangle shape (click the link for detailed instructions: Although the condom method may be more available, it is not always the safest. Condom-made dental dams can be small and cover a limited area. Second, you can buy Dental Dams to use with your partner although they are often difficult to find. These provide a little more coverage and require less assembly.

Oral sex can be a fun stimulating activity for you and your partner but remember NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!




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Oral Sex and the Role of the Media

The issue of teens and oral sex has been under high coverage recently with the media suggesting catastrophic outcomes due to this “oral epidemic.” Specifically, a recently published book entitled Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss, suggests that there is an “alarming” trend in middle class families, where “teenage girls are trading sex for, well, just about anything.” So, is the media on to something, does all of this talk about oral sex among teens really reflect “how these times are a change-in,” specifically adolescent behaviour? Moreover, is there really a “teen sexual revolution” sweeping the nation? Or, is this just yet another example of an uncalled-for media induced panic?


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